Bee tower Dadant

Welcome to the blog Beetower.fr

Here you can get to know the different “Bee Tower” models that I have built myself and how I use them for species-appropriate beekeeping.

These bee tower models are very easy to make yourself with simple tools. In addition to the wooden rings I buy online, I also use untreated pallet wood, some reed and natural clay, both of which can be found in nature.
You don’t need any special beekeeping knowledge or skills to set up such a natural bee house in your garden to watch the bees and enjoy them. Nor do you need any additional beekeeping equipment. Honey harvesting is possible with suitable attachments but not our aim here.

If you would like to do the same to protect bees and keep them in a species-appropriate way, you will find many useful suggestions and further details here.

Under iPhone Studio you can see my latest videos and photos of a BeeTower colony and follow the honeycomb construction.

Jan Michael Schütt

Founder of the apiary school ” rucher école Villa le Bosquet”.

Gonneville sur Mer, France

June 2022