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    The BeeTower swarm trap

    A “BeeTower” as a swarm trap at the window of my studio … Maybe this will work at a height of four metres and with bee-friendly colours.Blue and yellow are the colours that are best perceived by bees. Other colours appear to be shades of grey to bees and are perceived less.Currently, these are also my favourite colours.

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    At the flight hole in bad weather

    NATURAL BEEKEEPINGEvery garden needs bees, and it is even better if you have a well-insulated hive on site. Bees prefer to live in natural tree hollows… There are hardly any old trees left in the forest, they also like to live under the roof of a house, if you tolerate this, as has been the case in our family for 30 years now. If you put up a bee hive in your garden, you should choose a bee hive that is as well insulated as possible, with thick walls made of natural materials and round flight holes, which is closer to a natural bee cave. I prefer to build our…