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    Thomas D.Seeley on Natural Beekeeping

    In 2017, we had the opportunity to meet world-renowned bee researcher Thomas Seeley for the first time at the National Honey Show in the UK and to interview him briefly about the Warré hive, without knowing what he had triggered in us in the following years.Inspired by the wonderful reed hives that David Junker quietly created in the Bavarian Forest in Germany, the Warré bee tower was created at rucher école, equipped with wooden rings and 5 cm thick reed insulation.With the closed floor and the climate box under the roof made of tree slices from the forest and the round flight hole, the BeeTower comes again a little bit…

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    The bee tower hives in Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine

    More and more beekeepers are interested in the variations of our bee towers variations.Attached is another press article about our hives in the well-known British Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine. In its 24th issue for the summer of 2022, many interesting alternative habitats for bees from different countries are presented with many examples of use.We are very proud that our hives have also been selected. They were designed and manufactured by Jan Michael member of the Villa le Bosquet apiary school in France and you can find more information about them here.The NBH magazine is published four times a year in English. You can subscribe by clicking on the following link:…

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    Our tree bees 

    They are back, our tree bees.You can hardly see the incoming and outgoing ones in the 5 m height. From our window we have already been able to observe a swarm of bees moving into this tree twice,.In 2019 when a huge swarm moved in, but then moved out again and clung to a low pine branch. This colony has been living undisturbed in our Bienenturm hive ever since.Many such wild honey bees often live undetected in tall trees and that is a good thing….We are very happy that these bees have found refuge with us and hope that they will feel at home in this little tree hollow… You…

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    Insights into a BEE TOWER bee nest

      With our tree cavity simulations we imitate a small part of nature, a nature that has been harbouring bees in trees for millions of years.The French beekeeper Abbée Warré tried out over 300 different hive systems and based his ruche populaire on the internal dimensions of natural bee nests. His Warré hive, so named, was probably one of the first industrially produced tree cavity simulations of modern times.Recent research by the US bee scientist Tom Seeley has shown that the average cross-section of tree hollows in the nests of bees in his area, where honey bees prefer to move in, is about 20 cm in diameter with a volume…

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    A bee tower in the green

    Our bee tower “Bienenturm” is slowly being taken over by the plants around it, and I am enjoying it, as are the bees who have been living there since 2019 without being disturbed. The Asian hornets bother us a little, but we have installed a hornet hotel on the site “there will check in but there won’t check out”. learn more…

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    The BeeTower swarm trap

    A “BeeTower” as a swarm trap at the window of my studio … Maybe this will work at a height of four metres and with bee-friendly colours.Blue and yellow are the colours that are best perceived by bees. Other colours appear to be shades of grey to bees and are perceived less.Currently, these are also my favourite colours.