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    The bee tower hives in Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine

    More and more beekeepers are interested in the variations of our bee towers variations.Attached is another press article about our hives in the well-known British Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine. In its 24th issue for the summer of 2022, many interesting alternative habitats for bees from different countries are presented with many examples of use.We are very proud that our hives have also been selected. They were designed and manufactured by Jan Michael member of the Villa le Bosquet apiary school in France and you can find more information about them here.The NBH magazine is published four times a year in English. You can subscribe by clicking on the following link:…

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    Our tree bees 

    They are back, our tree bees.You can hardly see the incoming and outgoing ones in the 5 m height. From our window we have already been able to observe a swarm of bees moving into this tree twice,.In 2019 when a huge swarm moved in, but then moved out again and clung to a low pine branch. This colony has been living undisturbed in our Bienenturm hive ever since.Many such wild honey bees often live undetected in tall trees and that is a good thing….We are very happy that these bees have found refuge with us and hope that they will feel at home in this little tree hollow… You…