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One of our Bee Towers has been equipped with a device that allows us to document the development of a bee colony from the bottom of the flight hole with our iPhone without disturbing the bees.

After we have logged in a natural mini-swarm, we document the honeycomb construction and the development of the bee colony with our iPhone. We want to see if it is possible to give such a small cluster of bees a better chance of survival with honey water. Normally, these bees would not survive in nature.

Thanks to the thick reed insulation this hive is equipped with, the bees use much less energy, which could help this small colony to finish its nest in time to survive.

Our Voirnot bee tower on the first of August 2022

Information about this bee tower

Made from the boxes of a French Voirnot hive (similar to Dadant).

Volume of the nest: 32 l

6 bamboo rings from an online shop: 10 mm high 22 cm diameter.

Flight hole: 40 mm diameter

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