Learning from the bees

Where and how do bees prefer to live?
If bees are given a choice in an intact natural environment, they prefer to look for old, hollow trees to build their nests in at a safe height of about 5 m or, in some areas, in narrow crevices.

essaimage naturelWith today’s development of agriculture and forestry with their sterile monocultures, there is no more room for trees of this kind.Therefore, there are hardly any natural habitats for bees left in forests and fields.
If a swarm of bees cannot find a natural habitat despite an intensive search by the specialised bees, the bees move, if necessary, into empty hives or other empty spaces such as letter boxes, old car wrecks or chimneys.
Sometimes there are also surprises where the bees settle.

A swarm of bees moves into a tree hollow on our property.exciting experience for our course participants who were present on the same day in our rucher école.