Oasis nature Villa le Bosquet

“Why go far when the good is so near”… according to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We had the great fortune to buy some cow pastures to enlarge our garden.

Where the cows used to graze, a small virgin forest has formed, which we love above all and which we no longer maintain.

We keep a few small paths, created by the passage of game through the forests of our nature oasis free of thorny vegetation, so that we can take our daily walks with our dog.


Our large meadow, which we have allowed to be mowed for years, now grows as it wishes, along with the animals and insects that live there, without any intervention.

Regularly mown grass paths take us past wild bramble hedges that provide us with fruit each autumn.

Since we document life in our environment, especially the nocturnal activities of deer, badgers and foxes, our dog wisely stays at home at night.
So we occasionally go to the nearby beach, which is occupied by tourists in summer.
But most of the time we stay at home on our property, we don’t need to travel to experience anything. There are so many wonderful things going on around us .
This is what I call happiness.

We protect and observe with great pleasure all the animals that move around on our property.
We are members of the association Humanité et Biodiversité, which helps us learn a lot about nature conservation.
Text by Jan Michael with DeepL Translation
Photography & Video :© Jan Michael. All rights reserve