The “Bienenturm”

We are pleased to add to our apiary a new species-appropriate bee house, the “Bienenturm” bee tower, which is easy to build by anyone with simple tools and in a short time.

Der Bienenturm

This new concept was developed by David Junker in his small wood-bending workshop in the Bavarian Forest in Germany and offers many more possibilities to provide bees with a suitable home for their species.

Discover also the other variants of our hives which we have equipped with reed chimneys.the “Warré bee tower” hive and the “Dadant bee tower” hive.


German video with David Junker: Demonstration assembly


Instructions for the assembly of the German “Bienenturm” hive

1. Place one inner and one outer hoop on the floor and insert the 4 wooden sticks

2.Check the gaps between the sticks and readjust them.

3.Place the other 4 wooden hoops on the floor. One pair in the middle, one pair on top

4. place the upper inner ring 10mm lower, so that the honeycomb support grid can be inserted later

5. drill 8 mm holes at the junction points.

6.coat 8 mm wooden dowels with glue and drive them in.

7.drill 4 holes at the same height every 20 cm on the inside of the wooden crosspieces (6mm).


8.Insert 6mm dowel rods in a cross pattern to stabilise the honeycomb.

9. Finally, fill the 4 segments between the inner and outer rings with reeds and place the honeycomb support grid on top. Pack the reeds well to achieve optimum hold and insulation value.

That’s it

You can order the Wooden rings individually but also an already assembled bee tower directly from David Junker in Germany, who ships his towers worldwide.





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