The Dadant Bee Tower


Inspired by David Junker’s “Bienenturm” hive, my old Dadant hive is now equipped with a better thermal insulation made of sustainable natural materials: as in the hive, there are no more frames, no more screws, no more metal parts. Instead, there is an inner chimney made of curved bamboo rings, surrounded by thick reed insulation, with untreated wood from pallet laths and a little clay plaster.

Our hive “Bee Tower Dadant” is waiting for bees …


An Ecofloor made of old dead wood from the forest and a climate box where the bees can freely hang their combs have also been added, allowing the bees to consume much less honey in this simulated tree cavity and live in a way that is more suitable for their species. Due to its high weight, this DADANT BeeeTower does not allow climbing in trees like David Junker’s super light bee tower.


Thanks to its economical volume of about 35 liters, which corresponds to a natural cavity in a tree, this “DreamHome” is an ideal natural swarming source.

Even in conventional apiaries, such a modified hive has made many a beekeeper happy.

A honey harvest is possible but not the goal for us.

We are looking forward to the next swarming season.

More details will follow soon.

Jan Michael