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Thomas D.Seeley on Natural Beekeeping

Tom Seeley bee advocate

In 2017, we had the opportunity to meet world-renowned bee researcher Thomas Seeley for the first time at the National Honey Show in the UK and to interview him briefly about the Warré hive, without knowing what he had triggered in us in the following years.
Inspired by the wonderful reed hives that David Junker quietly created in the Bavarian Forest in Germany, the Warré bee tower was created at rucher école, equipped with wooden rings and 5 cm thick reed insulation.
With the closed floor and the climate box under the roof made of tree slices from the forest and the round flight hole, the BeeTower comes again a little bit closer to the natural bee nest than the commercial Warré variants offered today.

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  • James Peters

    I absolutely agree. My hives are now three inches thick for thermomass. My winter loss has gone from 70% to 10%. The entrance is now only 6 small 1/2 holes for easy guarding from robbers and intruders. During the winter the entrance goes down to just 3 holes. The inner cover is also 1 1/2 inches thick with a 3 inch quilt box filled with wool on top. I firmly believe the bees can survive the cold. However, I believe thermo shock is their greatest enemy. I believe Thermomass is the answer…kinda like a tree provides. I make my own hives. I’m also fully retired and my only goal is to bring the bees back to my area. I do not view bees as livestock or beekeep for a profit. Except for a little honey I use for personal consumption, I let them keep all they make. It really is an enjoyable hobby….Delaware, U.S.

  • Jan Michael

    Bonjour James
    Thanks for your comment, I would love to see some photos of the hives.WP is new to me and I need to figure out how to set that up to add photos to comments.I am just starting out with this website and a lot will change here until I have a faster web connection.
    I had a wonderful time in the USA for years but rarely got out of NYC..Now I live surrounded by bees and lots of nature on the Normandy coast and avoid traveling to big cities as much as possible.
    Much regards to Delaware

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